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Top 5 Pokemon Comics This Week – August 27

Sheer Cold
Sheer Cold

There are a lot of great Pokemon Comics out there. So many, in fact, that you can (literally) spend hours reading them all. So where does one begin?

Perhaps I can help you out. Each week, I will look over the multitude of Pokemon Comics and pick the top five which stand out based on their story, artwork, dialogue, engagement, and creativity. Only the best five comics will be chosen each week.

Please note that the selection is based solely on my opinion. If you feel that a comic really amazed you this week, feel free to post about it in the comments!

Check out the Top 5 Comics after the break!

#1. Sheer Cold

Although I’ve only recently discovered it, Sheer Cold has managed to quickly become one of my top favorites. It is the kind of comic that not only draws you in with beautiful artwork, but also an endearing tale.

In this update, we hear a bit more about Felicia’s sad past, yet also about her determination to overcome the obstacles that stand in her way. It would be very easy for her to be consumed by dark hatred for what she’s been through, yet somehow she retains a generous kindness. You simply cannot help but want her to win.

#2. Mokepon


Ah yes, the latest update of Mokepon tells the classic tale of a young, clueless boy and the cunning con artist who swindles him of all his money. The boy, eager to succeed where he has failed, falls into the trap, losing all he owns.

Or so it goes. Atticus isn’t exactly our young, innocent hero (I mean, really, he smokes like a pack a day). He’s pretty clueless though, especially when it comes to Pokemon, so that fits. And our con man is an experienced wordsmith. This can only lead to trouble (or something amazing). My guess: Magikarp.

#3. Mark’s Emerald Nuzlocke

Mark's Emerald Nuzlocke

Another recent discovery, Mark’s Emerald Nuzlocke is off to a fantastic start with its strong comedic timing and hilarious dialogue. The art is clean, without being too busy, making this a comic in which it’s easy to tell what’s going on.

By now, everyone knows the story of the 3rd Generation of Pokemon games, but Artist Rakkushi brings the story to a new level by actively poking fun at each plot point (that never made much sense to begin with). Only good things can come from this comic.

#4. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Tales

PMD Tales

Full Disclosure: Artist VexxBlack is a good friend of mine. Now that being said, he is a fantastic artist and storyteller, creating perhaps one of the most popular (and engaging) Mystery Dungeon comics online: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Tales. His art is so good, that I even chose his comic as the feature piece for the weekly comics update!

PMD Tales is a rich story that takes place in the PMD universe. This is truly a saga in which the heroes are heroes and the villains are villains. Join Vexx and Team GreenFire as they set out to save the world and the innocent Pokemon around them!

#5. PMD: Victory Fire

PMD: Victory Fire

PMD: Victory Fire is one of the most… deep Pokemon Comics that I know. There are layers to this tale that I don’t even begin to understand and the story weaves together so many different elements, that I’m not even sure this is solely a PMD Comic. Between seeing N and Mewtwo, with references to Shadow Pokemon, you’re looking at a saga that spans WORLDS.

Victory Fire draws you in with a young girl-turned-Pokemon whose only hope is a reclusive, bitter Gengar who reluctantly decides to protect the girl. They journey to help her find a way back home, but in doing so, discover that the threats to their lives… are much greater than anyone realizes.
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