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Trivia Night and More! For Summer 2020 Charity Series!

Get ready for another night of fun while helping others!

The PokeCaster’s Summer 2020 Charity Series continues this Saturday with Trivia Night! Plus many more events that will continue during June!

May 30th: Trivia Night

This Saturday on May 30th at 8PM EST, you can see some of your favorite Pokemon podcast personalities play in a rousing game of Trivia! You will find plenty of familiar voices for Trivia Night. Some of these voices include Kyle from Victory Road, Brett and Hannah from After Darkrai, Josh and Tanner from EXP Share, Jake from Pokemon World Tour United, Riley from Pokemon Variety Hour, Bobby from Pokemon Mind & Body, Zac from Pokemon Champions Podcast and Ben from I Chews You. You can also expect to hear me, Mikey, taking part in Trivia Night.

This game show will be an hour and half of fun with plenty of great questions! It will be three rounds of questions, pictures and more as these podcasters will put their knowledge to the test. Meanwhile, if you donate to the Children’s Miracle Network through Extra Life then you can possibly win some great prizes! Donations are currently being accepted and can be done by clicking here.

If you want to participate even more then questions for Trivia Night are being accepted right now. Simply submit your questions here and they could actually be used during Trivia Night. If you want to watch then make sure to tune into the PokeCaster’s Twitch Channel at 8pm on May 30th.

June 6th: Pictionary Night

The fun and charity continues on June 6th with Pictionary Night! The picture base fun begins at 9pm EST on the PokeCaster’s Twitch Channel. Your favorite podcasters will be drawing pictures and taking guesses! You may even get to donate to suggest words that can be used during the game.

June 13th: Poke’Pub Trivia

Poke’Pub Trivia will take place on June 13th and will be open to the public! It will be just like going to your favorite drinking establishment to play some trivia. You can play on your own or in a group. Either way, it is promising to be a fun night of questions and answers while helping others.

The winning team or individual will win some great prizes. There will be plenty of raffles as well for those who donate.

Late June: VGC Event

Lastly, you can expect to see a VGC Event happening in late June. Details for this event are still being worked on but there will be prizes for those who place! Make sure to get your teams ready to go for this!

Make sure to tune in this Saturday to root on Mikey and his team for Trivia Night. If you can donate some money then make sure in order to help some kids who are in need!

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