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The Underground Podcast Celebrates Turning Two

The Underground Podcast

The Underground podcast celebrates their two year anniversary on March 10th which is today.

Sam and The Underground crew are going to have a special podcast dedicated to the fans. They will play bumpers and read out listener thoughts on what they want to hear from The Underground going into their third year. You can listen to their podcast on their website.

A special distribution event is going to be done as part of The Underground’s two year anniversary. Make sure to listen to their podcast episode to find out the details of this special event Pokemon.

In honor of this celebration, below are four “must listen” episodes of The Underground. Click below to see and listen to these episodes!

Episode 30: Giggle at the Ghosties– Sam and Nateal celebrate Halloween the only way they know how! A Halloween podcast where they talk about all the ghost and ghouls of the Pokemon world. They even have a special “After Dark” segment for this spooky episode.

Episode #38 – Providing Poison Pointers– This episode brings out the Voltage Meter to listen to some fan reviews. They also take a look at the Poison type and discuss the most interesting aspects of it prior to the changes in Generation 6.

Episode #41 – One Year Anniversarystravaganza– Sam and Nateal celebrate their first year anniversary in this podcast. This is a huge podcast and it is jam packed with a lot of great goodies.

Episode #50 – League Reminisce – Sam and Nateal bring along some friends for their fiftieth episode. They talk about running Pokemon Leagues and  the fun they have had and what they like about them. It is a great episode for those who are interested in starting or joining a League.

Congratulations to The Underground for being on the air for two years and we look forward to even more great episodes!

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