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URPG Times: Artwork of the Month-May

URPG Times


Due to our regular columnist not being available this month, I am doing the Artwork of the Month.

Artwork of the Month is when the columnist looks through all of the artwork posted in theURPG from the past month and decides which he/she thinks is the best. This is an opinion piece, so your opinion might differ from this.


Out of the few pieces this past month, Ace Trainer Liam’s Easter Azurill is the best.


This is a drawing of colored pencils on canvas. It looks like crayons at first glance, so the colored pencils was a bit of a surprise. The soft colors add a bit a gaiety to the picture. The detail done to the eggs is impressive, there is virtually no doubt as to what Pokémon each egg is. And don’t forget the cute baby Azruill in the middle. It is neigh on impossible to look at this picture and have it not bring a smile to your face. I found myself grinning I don’t know how many times while writing this.


Until next month, Soulmaster signing off.

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