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VGC 2016 Competitive Spotlight: Clefairy


I know what you’re thinking. Xerneas is so OP in this meta that there’s no room in a Dragon/Steel/Fairy core for another Fairy Pokémon and that’s true for the most part, but hear me out! Clefairy can be an amazing partner for a lot of the hard hitters in this year’s format.

Why Clefairy though? Doesn’t it evolve and aren’t all fully evolved Pokémon more useful in battle?? Not necessarily! Clefairy’s Hidden Ability is Friend Guard, an ability to which Clefable does not have access. Friend Guard diminishes the damage done to Clefairy’s partners by 25% while it’s on the field. That’s a great ability to have in Doubles, especially in VGC 2016 that happens to be flooded with big, bulky Legendaries and Megas.

Well, aren’t Clefable’s stats better which makes it a better support tank? Again, not necessarily! Give Clefairy an Eviolite to hold and it’s Defense and Special Defense stats will be boosted beyond Clefable’s simply because Clefairy is not fully evolved. This does come at the cost of not being able to give Clefairy another item like the very popular Sitrus Berry.

Clefairy has access to a litany of support moves that can give your Legends a winning advantage as well. Most notably, it learns Follow Me. This allows Clefairy to absorb most attacks targeted at your precious Legendaries while they only take spread damage moves that are weakened from Friend Guard.

Gravity is a great move that Clefairy learns too. Most of the best attacks Legendaries can use need the accuracy boost Gravity provides to make them reliable. Magic Coat is great for blocking Dark Voids from Smeargles as well or use Heal Pulse to give back HP to Clefairy’s allies.


Here is a sample set you can try out during your next battle.

Clefairy @ Eviolite
Friend Guard, Calm
252 HP, 172 Def, 84 SpD
Moon Blast
Follow Me
Magic Coat

This EV spread allows Clefairy to survive a Double-Edge from an Adamant Mega Kangaskhan while still having special bulk.

A note to those attempting to breed for a Clefairy or even a Clefable: Cleffa will hatch from your eggs and will not be able to produce any eggs itself because it is a baby Pokémon. I suggest breeding them in Luxury Balls, which will raise their happiness and help your Cleffa evolve quickly.

Once you have a viable Clefairy it will serve you well in almost any Double Battle format. Not only will Clefairy act as an amazing tank, it will reduce damage done to the rest of your team. Happy battling trainers!

Señor Sableye

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