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VIDEO: Turning Pokemon Into Animal Crossing Villagers

Pokemon into Animal Crossing
What if Pokemon were drawn as if they were in Animal Crossing?

That is something that Moxie2D wants to do! He has gone to a Random Pokemon Generator! All with the intend to pick some random Pokemon to draw in the Animal Crossing style.

This video is pretty interesting because Moxie2D is showing you his thought and drawing process as he draws the Pokemon. He event talks about his thought process on how the Pokemon will be dressed. You can even hear as Moxie2D gives their thoughts on what their Animal Crossing personality would be. It is especially cool when Moxie2D describe Nickit and what they would do in Animal Crossing.

Also, how would Rayquaza look as if they were in Animal Crossing? You just got to watch to find out!

Go ahead and watch this video by Moxie2D as he slowly creates his own Pokemon Crossing characters.

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