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Weekly Pokemon Opinions!

Every day on the PXR forum, a new Pokemon is picked at random for the community to give their opinions and rate out of 10. Here we will tally up the scores and collect some interesting comments from members to decide which of these is PXR’s Weekly Top Pokemon!

#245 Suicune
Average rating: 8.6

I love this Pokemon! I hardly like legendaries (past the birds and dogs) so this one is fairly special to me. :P It also reminds me of SF and how nice she is! ~ Braixen

This thing is freaking majestic and decently powerful (granted, it is a Legendary), it also walks on water and purifies it, which is always cool. ~ Arrow-Jolteon

My fascination with it wore out a long time ago, but back in Pokemon Crystal I thought Suicune was the coolest thing ever, haha. Plus it’s eco-friendly, hard to beat ~ Zodiac

#654 Braixen
Average rating: 6.7

I don’t usually like middle evolution starters, even for chains I like, and Braixen is no exception. Didn’t choose it’s chain, so I have no bond to it in that sense, and I know it’s chain is nothing special in battle. ~ The-Hydra

This thing gets a 6/10 simply for the awesome battle animations. I crack up seeing it twirl that flaming stick around. :P ~ Shroomish

I’m not the biggest fan of this evolutionary line, but I always thought that Braixen was adorable. I love its design. ~ Pumpkaboo

#631 Heatmor
Average rating: 4.4

I’ve always liked heatmor, though I’ve never used it in battle, so I’m really speaking of design and concept. I do know it’s nothing special in battle, but it could probably beat a Durant at least o3o ~ The-Hydra

I’ve never used it in battle, the design is sort meh, but it’s Durant’s rival, and Durant is awesome, so I’ll give it 4/10 ~ Shruikan

It … kinda reminds me of a really deformed Muppet. XD ~ Shroomish

#197 Umbreon
Average rating: 8.6

I’m sad that he picked up an extra weakness this Gen (dang Fairies :P), but he’s still my favorite pokémon by a wide margin. ~ Maddox

Always been a big fan of Umbreon. I like the design, the moveset, the stats… everything. I’m always open to working Umbreon into my teams! I was really glad it was a starter in Colosseum ~ Zodiac

#450 Hippowdon
Average rating: 7.1

I really like this one, though I’ve never had the chance to raise one / use it in battle. I planned to in a previous game, but never got around to it. =/ ~ Shroomish

The Hippo was a good edition to all sand stream teams. ~ Shadow Tracker Max

#674 Pancham
Average rating: 6.4

He basically learns how to fight dirty from the other Dark types in your team! How awesome is that?! ~Maddox

I love Pangoro. Hate Pancham. It just seems to be this generation’s version of Riolu. ~ Texoticyapalli

Pancham is pretty cute. c: I love me some panda. I’ve never really used one in battle, but pangoro seems pretty decent. ~ Suicune’s Fire

#285 Shroomish
Average rating: 7.1

9,000 / 10. :D Best Pokemon ever. Not only is it hilariously adorable, its evolution is a beast. ~ Shroomish

I just never thought Shroomish was that intriguing. Plus in battles I always found them very annoying so that’s always lowered my opinions of them. ~ Zodiac

Shroomish is alright. I will give it a 6/10 for having a good evolution. ~ Dragon Master

That means that this week’s top Pokemon is…
a draw between Umbreon and Suicune!
Eeveelutions and legends are always popular, so it’s no surprise that these two came out on top. Do you agree? Leave your comments below! And stay tuned for the next edition of Weekly Pokemon Opinions!

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