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Crossroads Comics #49-Villanous Adventures

It’s Tuesday, which means it’s time for Crossroads Comics!

Today we’re focusing on a long running PXR sprite comic, Jentoh Adventures. One of the only sprite comics on PXR, Jentoh Adventures starts as an amnesia story surrounding evil teams but quickly escalates into a series of dream sequences and time skips in which each character’s movements are the equivalent to a piece in a chess game. Overall, while it is a fairly long comic, it is well worth reading as the cast contains a variety of unique characters with some major developments in the more recent updates.

Crossroads Comics
Jentoh Adventures Time for an adventure! Kinda?
PMD: Explorers of Life A new conflict arises.
Pokemon Rising Shadows That Meowstic doesn’t seem too happy.

Smackjeeves Comics
Back to You Flee quickly!
Floating On Such a cute little seal.
Goggles and Stickers I… don’t know if that’s the right mentality.
Ingress That’s a false hope.
Jamie Well at least now they know.
Legend of Shadows Gadzooks she’s an Umbreon now!
PMD: Gleaming Hearts You get em, girl!
PMD: Team Aquablaze Surely there’s another way.

Deviantart Comics
Aeszae’s Tale The origin story begins.
Finding Your Inner Melody A new comic starts.
Guardian This is looking to be an interesting story.
Hope in Friends The chase continues!
Jutopa’s Blue Nuzlocke This just took a sharp turn into the negative.
PMD: Guardians of the Universe Rough fight it looks like.
PMD: Mysteries of the Soul She awakens!
The Stars Shine Bright Everyone follow him!

Off-site Comics
Ava’s Demon Perhaps there is hope for the future?
Blood-Ink Oh no… those are body bags aren’t they?
Into the Ice Ooh nice save!
Lisosa Check out these happy holiday wishes!
Lore Olympus Well at least she isn’t too bothered by it.
Pixie and Brutus Pixie is thoroughly shooketh.
Refund High School Dante is up to something.
The Glass Scientists She doubts his abilities greatly.

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