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Future Pokemon CEO Makes the News!

Future Pokemon CEO
Some people have dreams to become a Pokemon Master. Others want to be Pokemon CEO!

That is the dream of Nicholas Quevedo who wishes to become the CEO for The Pokemon Company by 2038!

This young man has been making the rounds since declaring his dream. He has studied aboard in Japan, been featured on Japanese TV, and has a clock filled with signatures! And recently he has been featured on the local news!

Perhaps you have seen Nicholas on Twitter proclaiming his dream. He has been in many photos at Pokemon events with his clock. Nicholas aims to become the Pokemon Company CEO by 2038 but has a lot of work to do. Though, he is determine to reach his dreams by apply to universities such as Harvard and Stafford. This eager trainer has also sent countless letters to various CEOs and leaders to get their advice on how to become the greatest Pokemon CEO. Along the way, gaining the support of many people by having them sign his clock. Nicholas has gain so many supporters that a second clock is now being used to gain signatures.

We went ahead and ask Nicholas some questions regarding his dream of becoming the Pokemon CEO.

Pokemon Crossroads: Why 2038? Why not 2035 or 2037?

Nicholas Quevedo: I picked 2038 for a variety of reasons. Years ending in 5/0 are prediction years. Iwata became Nintendo CEO in 2002, and Bowser became Nintendo of America CEO this year (2019). Saying “In 2040…” seems like a prediction. Years ago, I read a Reddit post about specific numbers being more believable. 2038 is also the 40th anniversary of The Pokémon Company.

The year 2038 servers as an attention getter. My letters to executives are titled “A Message from The 2038 Pokémon CEO.” It’s forced me to learn to be a leader (laughs). There was a time I was scared to be on the sales floor; Now I’m applying to Stanford.

PXR: Is there a grand master plan to become CEO? If so, what are some of the things involved?

NQ: There is no master plan. I don’t know if Pokémon will hire me (laughs). A documentary is in production about my work. You will see some of my stories of “trouble” I’ve caused. A trailer drops Friday. Right now, I’m applying to Stanford for an MBA in executive leadership. Part of being in a CEO is being a leader, taking care of employees, and pleasing investors. When asked this, I picture the classic “work your way up the company ladder.”

If Pokémon never hires me, it doesn’t hurt to tell employers I can speak Japanese, trained by 100+ executives, brought the computer science to my university, and much more. I often don’t believe how far this has come (laughs). There was a time I struggled passing high school classes.

PXR: What is your vision for Pokemon in the year 2038? Where do you hope the franchise will be by then? What do you want to do at that time?

NQ: Pokémon is a crossroads (pun intended). Regardless of race, class, gender, or age, there is something for everyone in the series. In a perfect world, I will take the baton from the Pokémon President in 2038 and make changes as I see fit.

When asked this question, I make a hypothetical universe. Let’s say I’m CEO tomorrow. My first duty is to bring back Kotora (canceled beta Pokémon) as an inside joke. I want the series to embrace Sugimori’s watercolor art style, return to 2D, and above all of this, make people smile.

Below you can watch some of Nicholas’s television appearances. The video below is his most recent one where he was interviewed by KEYCNews12.

Below is when Nicholas was interviewed for a Pokemon ad where he declare his dream to become Pokemon’s CEO by 2038.

We wish Nicholas best of luck in getting into the business school of his dreams! And becoming Pokemon’s CEO by 2038! He sure has the drive to reach those dreams!

You can follow Nicholas (@QuevedoNicholas) on Twitter to keep up with his dreams to become Pokemon’s future CEO!

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