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Garchomp Sea is Open for Exploration!

A new event has begun in Pokémon Rumble Rush!

The new event has started in Pokémon Rumble Rush alongside an update that allows you to use any Pokémon you’ve obtained in the islands as well now allowing you to use Poké Diamonds as Guide Feathers and guaranteeing Ore Drops with each level run until you have a full refinery. It also provides specific tasks for the bosses This event is focused on an island based around Garchomp and contains various new Pokémon, new Gears and more. It runs for two weeks, until October 16th.

There are four new gears available to obtain: Aqua Jet (Prinplup), Aqua Jet (Empoleon), Earthquake (Gabite), and Earthquake (Garchomp). The map spread at this moment appears to be water types in the sea around the island, grass types on the Piplup’s head, ground types are at the feet, electric types on the west part of the island, and poison types are rumored to be in the east or center. Gastrodon and Shellos forms are also appearing on the east and west sides of the ocean.

So now that you can use your old pokemon, and have more areas to explore, let’s get out and explore!

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