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KISS pleased with their new Pokémon counterparts

Gene Simmons seems to really dig the new Galar forms.

Following the latest Pokémon Sword and Shield trailer on August 7, the Internet was set aflame with memes surrounding the new Pokémon revealed within it. Amongst other things, Zigzagoon, a Pokémon first shown in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, was revealed to have a new form and a new third stage. The new form is black and white with black stars over its eyes and its tongue hanging out. The Internet was swift to point out that Galarian Zigzagoon and Linoone‘s new designs greatly resembled the American rock band KISS, who are also known for these things.

In addition, a third evolution was announced for the Galar version of Zigzagoon, known as Obstagoon. Changing from a quadrupled to a bipedal, Obstagoon is the most blatant reference of the line, with many fans quick to point out it appeared to be a badger version of the KISS band member, Gene Simmons. Initially, fans were worried that Simmons was not a fan of his Pokémon counterpart, the rock star only offering a “Welp” in response to the announcement of Obstagoon. However, in a later interview, Simmons clarified that he was actually pleased with the designs of Obstagoon and Galarian Zigzagoon and Linoonse. “Pokémon has been a part of our household for decades, ever since our kids first discovered them,” Simmons told Newsweek in a statement. “And to see Pokémon pay homage to KISS, is flattering.”

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