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Team Challenge Stream This Weekend!

Team Challenge Summer
Team Challenge is happening this weekend!

If you are excited for more Pokemon TCG battles on the top competitive stage then you are in luck! The 2021 Summer Team Challenge is coming to you this weekend!

Starting on Friday, August 20th and ending on Sunday, August 22nd, the top four teams from card shops from around the world will be battling it out on stream! All to see who is the best! The Top Four teams will battle on August 20th and 21st. The final two teams will be battling on stream on Sunday, August 22nd.

Team Challenge Teams

Below are the top four teams that will be battling on stream this weekend.

  • Asgard Games- Houston, TX (USA)
  • Spellenhuis Haarlem- Haarlem, NL (Netherlands)
  • Comic Book Addiction- Whitby, ON (Canada)
  • Innventory- Die Nerdbox- Wasserburg am Inn (Germany)

Broadcasters for the stream will be Jeremy Jallen and Kyle Sabelhaus.

You can watch the stream below starting on Friday, August 20th at 9AM PDT. The stream will continue throughout the weekend at the same time. You can catch all the amazing battles on Twitch, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.

Below is a trailer for Team Challenge and explains the lead up for this weekend’s event.

Best of luck to all the players battling this weekend!

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