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The Phoenix Orb Project Delivers Real Life Pokeballs.

REAl Life Pokeball

You may have seen pictures floating around the internet, about “The world’s first Real Life Pokeball.” Personally, I saw it on YouTube, in a video from user UnlistedLeaf, who talked about seeing the news for himself.

It turns out that the ones manufacturing the products are a small business called The Phoenix Orb Project, which we’ll call TPOP for the rest of this article.

Now, TPOP don’t just do the Pokeballs. As explained in UnlistedLeaf’s video, you can order a mega evolution Key stone, and some gym badges from them too. As TPOP happen to be fans of UL’s channel, they gave him all of their products with his original order. This includes gym badges from Generation one and two, a mini version of their Pokeball design (It’s described to be like how Ash keeps his Pokeballs small, and makes them bigger in the anime.), the key stone with a chain, so you can basically cosplay as Archie from ORAS, a Master Ball, and probably the most impressive, a chrome version of the Pokeball design which looks a bit like a Premier Ball.

The video shows UL opening the chrome Pokeball, which uses magnets.

You can watch UnlistedLeaf’s video below, and visit The Phoenix Orb Project’s Facebook page.

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