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Pokemon Day Events and Celebrations! #Pokemon20

Pokemon Day
Pokemon Day is coming this Saturday on February 27th. Fans can take part in several events happening for Pokemon’s 20th anniversary. Below are some details about what is going to happen on Pokemon Day.

Things will kick off on Friday, February 26th with a Pokemon Direct. The Direct will celebrate Pokemon’s 20th anniversary and will announce some big news! This special Pokemon Direct will start at 10:00am on the US East Coast and can be watched here.

On Saturday, February 27th at 10am will start Pokemon Day and there will be events happening in real life and online! One of the first places you can head to is Twitch where they will be hosting a massive Pokemon Twitch event! Twitch will be hosting a twenty-four hour animation marathon which will include movies, favorite episodes, and animation specials. Fans are encourage to take part in discussions and activities! All of this will end at 6pm on Sunday.

The Nintendo World Store in New York City will also host a Pokemon event from noon to 3pm ET on Saturday. There will be tons of Pokemon events and photo opps. A Pokkén Tournament Early Access Competition will also be found in the store. Competitors will be given the chance to gain entry to the Pokken Tournament Series competitions at Nationals.

GameStop will offer a Mythical Pokémon poster to anybody who purchase any Pokemon product on Pokemon Day. Certain GameStop locations will also be hosting a Pokkén Tournament Early Access Competition. A list of those locations can be found here.

You can head to Toy R’ Us where they will be giving away special foil cards from the new Pokémon TCG: Generations expansion and tons of special goodies. They will also be stocking Pokemon TCG: Generations binders.

Lastly, The Pokemon Company is re-opening their Pokemon Boutique pop-up store in Japan LA at Los Angeles, CA. The store will open on February 27th starting at 6pm with fun activities such as a Pokémon photo booth, trivia games and more! The boutique will sell exclusive and unique clothing merchandise and will remain open until March 27th.

Want to take part in the #Pokemon20 fun now? You can download the Pokémon Photo Booth app from iTunes. The app allows fans to edit photos in “Pokemon style” and share them over different social media platforms. Below are some screenshots from the Pokémon Photo Booth app.

Happy Pokemon Day!

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