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PXR Joins United Podcaster’ Pokemon League!

United Podcaster Pokemon League
Can podcasters battle? We are going to find out!

More importantly! Can PXR battle in a video game format? These questions and more will be answer as PXR will be participating in the United Podcasters’ Pokemon League!

What is United Podcasters’ Pokemon League?

The United Podcasters’ Pokemon League is a draft league that is being hosted by the Blast Burn Radio’s hosts. They have gathered several different Pokemon podcasters to take part in the first ever draft league between Pokemon podcasters! This is a whose who in Pokemon podcasters. Many of these podcasters you may recognize from our Podcast Central column. If you follow our podcast column or just love podcasts then you will know these people!

And if you don’t then it doesn’t matter because you will see how these guys duke it out!

Where does PXR fit into all of this?

The next question that you may be asking yourself is where does PXR fit in? After all, PXR doesn’t have any (active) podcast anymore. So we have no horse in this race.

PXR has been invited by Jolly from Blast Burn Radio to take part in UPPL. This is mostly due to PXR’s countless years of supporting the Pokemon podcast community via Podcast Central and other efforts.

We here at PXR and myself are grateful for this opportunity to get involved with the content creators. I see this as a chance to learn more about these amazing people who continue to develop great content week after week. After all, I have spent years listening to many of these podcasters. Now I get to talk with them and have some friendly battles.

And with that said….

Introducing the Nimbasa City Emolgas!

Nimbasa City Emolgas

Logo made by Neo Emolga

PXR is going to be represented by the Nimbasa City Emolgas! The team will be coached by myself, Mikey. You may know me as the main writer for PXR, the Editor-in-Chief and the man behind the Twitter. I have been with PXR since the beginning and enjoy talking to people about Pokemon. May it be over Twitter, articles or over the table playing a game of Pokemon TCG.

I haven’t done anything competitive when it comes to the Pokemon video game since Generation 4. I use to build teams the hard way by breeding hoping to get decent IVs on my Pokemon. From there I would EV training but I mostly focus on getting right moves on the right Pokemon. Once I did that, I would battle a bit online with other friends. Since then I would IV Breed and EV Train my Pokemon early in each generation but only to just do it and have something to battle with in the battle facility for the post game.

Though, mostly since 2011 I have focus on playing the Pokemon TCG. I started out with making one or two decks with what little cards I had. From there I have grown into a solid TCG player who can battle it out with the best. Granted, I haven’t taken home top placing at League Cups and Regionals. That isn’t my goal because I rather focus on building up and supporting players though Pokemon Leagues and tournaments.

That said. I don’t plan to be some washout Pokemon battler and especially an easy win. This old spirit plans to shock people with some moves that they may not have expected. Especially with the help of Manic who will be acting as the Nimbasa City Emoglas Assistant Coach. We have a few other people on the forums helping out as well! With all of this help, you can expect the Emolgas to be a tough competitor.

The Draft

Soon the twelve teams that are taking part in the draft league will start choosing their Pokemon. You can watch the draft live this Sunday, January 6th on Twitch at 2PM Eastern. The draft will be hosted by The P.U.C.L. Podcast and you can click here to watch it!

I will not be able to attend the Draft Day Stream but Manic will be there. We have already picked some solid Pokemon to make our team. So don’t worry about us being left with the scraps. Manic is a Draft League veteran and knows his way around team building.

If you do want to hear me then you are welcome head over to the UPPL Battle Spot Podcast for the introduction of all the coaches and teams. I recently did a little recording to introduce the Nimbasa City Emolgas.

The UPPL Battle Spot Podcast will be covering all the action for the UPPL. They will do this with their weekly wrap up with a coach from each team. You can expect to hear me during the Week 3 wrap up! The UPPL Battle Spot Podcast will soon be featured in Podcast Central!

If you are a fan of PXR and want to support us then cheer for us in the comments and on Twitter! Best of luck to the rest of our competition but watch out! We are going to make some sparks fly!

Ongoing Conversation