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TCG Jump: Featured Match- Dragonair/Darkrai EX/Giratina EX

Darkrai Dragoniar
Get ready to battle with a wish and a prayer to hit some big numbers!

Today on TCG Jump we have Trainer Chip battling with a brand new deck that uses Dragonair from Guardians Rising and Darkrai EX. It involves some set up but if you can get everything going then you will be hitting big numbers with Darkrai EX in a matter of turns thanks to all the energy in your deck!

In the matches that you are about to watch, Trainer Chip uses Dragonair’s Dragon Wish attack in order to flood the field with Darkness and Double Dragon Energy during his next turn. This puts his opponent in a bind as they can only guess how much energy Trainer Chip can put down in a turn. It will be difficult to not flood the field with energy when you are playing 19 energies in your deck. Once you are able to use one Dragon Wish to flood the bench with energy then your Darkrai EX can take one knockout after another!

People thought that Darkrai EX was dead but like a recurring nightmare it is back! So watch the video below to see how Trainer Chip uses this deck!

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