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VIDEO: TNTBT VGC Replays Spooky Cup Edition

Noctowl Hyper Beams Everything
Halloween may be over but that doesn’t mean that the Halloween fun is done! Today I want to spotlight not just one video but several videos by Blue from Kanto Cast! This fame president and battler recently took part in the Spooky Cup where he fought in many frightening battles. All Blue had was a team which included a Noctowl who wasn’t afraid to Hyper Beam a few things that bumped in the night. This owl was a light in the darkness as it helped led Blue and his Pokemon to victory.

Below we are featuring Blue’s video titled “Hyper Beam Everything” everything which features Noctowl’s most shining moment. This video features a Gliscor who learns the hard way about what happens when you take one too many Hyper Beams. There was some awesome prediction happening on Blue’s behalf. Though you should take a look at Enter the Noctowl, Sharing All the Pain, Cursed Bodies and Frozen Birds, The Ballad of Lone Bone and Night Flier, and Volcarona’s Vengeance. They are all great battles from Blue’s experience during the Spooky Cup.

Also, make sure to check out other videos from Kanto Cast’s channel! Including First Lady Yellow and her pack openings!

Please enjoy a video featuring a fearless bird who literally Hyper Beams everything.

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