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A Wild Bewildered Psyduck appeared at the Pokémon Center!

Check out the latest collection at the Pokémon Center!

With summer in full swing we’ve got a new aquatic themed collection being featured, the Bewildered Psyduck Collection! This collection contains a total of nine items and are all very Psyduck themed for all you yellow fowl lovers out there.

There are two pieces of clothing in this collection. There is the adult varsity jacket with a small blue Psyduck on the front and a large collage of confused Psyducks on the back also featuring other Pokémon like Krabby and Slowpoke. The second is the all over print t-shirt, featuring a similar pattern to the varsity jacket but with the confused Psyducks, Krabby, and Slowpoke all in full color covering the entire shirt.

For those of you that like to travel or hike, the collection also comes with a few supplies. There is a backpack available in the same style as the t-shirt and a 24 ounce liberty bottle with the same pattern as the varsity jacket. If you want to be able to decorate your backpack or a different one to show your further love for Psyduck, the collection also has a three pack of pins and a three pack of patches. There’s also a 5 1/4 inches tall plushie to accompany you on all your travels as well!

Finally, for all you TCG fans, a new Psyduck themed playmat is available and the Psyduck Pokémon Gallery Figure is also featured in this collection.

For more information: Bewildered Psyduck Collection

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