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Ability of the Week: Aerilate


Hello, and welcome to the second segment of: Ability of the Week! Here, I point out key points in each ability and give examples and definitions on how to use it properly as well as what it does in the heat of battle! Our main focus this week is a strong and unique ability owned by only one Pokemon! It’s called: Aerilate! Now, you may be wondering, what is Aerilate – and why is it useful? Well, look no further!

What is Aerilate and what does it do?

In real-life terminology there is no such definition. Aerilate is a made up term by Nintendo/Gamefreak – but, however, by going by the prefix and suffix of the word we can determine some origin to the term. The “aeri-“ in Aerilate can be exchanged for a commonly used prefix, “aero-“, which means of the air or of air travel, while the suffix “-ate” means characterized by.

In Pokemon terminology, Aerilate is an ability that changes Normal-type moves into Flying-type moves. Not only that, but by doing so, the moves are 30% more powerful – giving an extra STAB bonus when brawling with other ‘mons.

For example, if Pinsir used Quick Attack it would retain the Normal-type associated with the attack and provide the base damage. However, if Pinsir mega evolved into Mega Pinsir then Quick Attack’s power will be raised by 30% and change into a Flying-type move – to compliment Mega Pinsir’s type change.

What Pokemon get the ability Aerilate normally?

Out of all the Pokemon in the Pokedex, only one gets this amazing ability, Aerilate,  and that Pokemon is:

  • Mega Pinsir – Pokemon #127


Mega Pinsir, the Stagbeetle Pokemon: #127.

This menacing-looking Pokemon is called Mega Pinsir, and it is the Mega-Evolution forme of Pinsir. Mega Pinsir has both the Bug and Flying-type hidden within it’s pores and definitely showcases his newfound typing in the midst of battle. In order to obtain this Pokemon, one must have a Pinsirite equipped to their Pinsir (both item and Pokemon are Pokemon X exclusives). While in battle, an option comes up on the bottom of the Fight section to transform your Pinsir temporarily into Mega Pinsir. This beast gains a plethora of stats when in this forme, giving whoever wields this Pokemon an increased advantage against their opponent. The only ability this Pokemon gains while mega evolved is Aerilate – an amazing ability for this menacing creature which gives additional STAB bonuses to Mega Pinsir’s Flying-type. Such moves in Mega Pinsir’s arsenal that give STAB as well as STAB bonuses are, but not limited to:

  • Vice Grip – base power 55.
  • Thrash – base power 120.
  • Hyper Beam – base power 150.
  • Facade – base power 70.
  • Round – base power 60.
  • Quick Attack – base power 40.
  • X-Scissor – base power 80.

With such a variety of moves at Mega Pinsir’s disposal, this Pokemon is indeed a definite threat. My advice when facing one? You better hope you have a Pokemon with a tough exterior because Mega Pinsir’s base power for Attack is 155 – which could possibly, if not definitely, deal a great amount of damage on any Pokemon.

So, if you’re ever in the need to learn more about a Pokemon’s ability, tune in the Ability of the Week for a plethora of more news! Next week we delve into Cute Charm and how this ability can turn the tide of a battle! Well, until then!


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