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April Fools! Pokemon Style!

April Fools Pokemon Showdown

Pokemon Showdown (Image courtesy of Kirbstering)

April Fools has come and gone but that doesn’t mean we should forget about what happen on that day. Several Pokemon fans decided to have some fun on the Day of Fools in their own special way. Each one was fun and funny and certainly caught us by surprise.

Click below to see some of the April Fools pranks that some Pokemon fans did.

Pokemon Showdown with New and Improved Sprites (Above)
The online battle simulator decided to go back to sprites on April 1st. The twist was that they were custom sprites and there was one for each Pokemon. Users were able to battle with these interesting sprites throughout the day. Click here to view all the sprites used by Pokemon Showdown for their one day event.

PokeMMO Implements new Special Followers
PokeMMO implemented special followers for one day only. These followers are not normally available in the game and included: Groundon, Rayquaza, and Bidoof. These were a welcome change to users.

Bulbapedia Canada
Bulbapedia Goes Canadian!
The site had gained a new webmaster from Canada and underwent a new design to reflect this. They had also posted several feature pieces with a Canadian twist. Below is a list of some of their best articles from April 1st.
Bulbagarden webmaster missing after immigration flub
Couple discovers Masuda method after child born Shiny
Leaker spoils next gen Pokémon games, many outraged

PKMNCast Reveals Mega Raichu
The PKMNCast had gotten their hands on leaks from the next CoroCoro magazine that will reveal Mega Raichu. It would have the ability Moody and pack a powerful punch. You can read more about it here.

The Dex
The Desk! Malm! Episode ??? from The Dex
The Dex release a new series called The Desk featuring Home Furnishings Sales Co-worker Alex and IkeaKellz. They covered trivia and battle strategy for the desk in their office, Malm! You can watch the episode here.

Top 10 Hottest Nintendo Girls by The JWittz
The JWittz decided to do a video featuring the hottest Nintendo Women. Some of the women featured in the video includes Pokemon’s own Fire type gym leader, Flannery. The video can get pretty hot but if you think you can handle the heat then watch it here.

The underground podcast
Pokemon Yellow Release by The Underground Podcast
The Underground Podcast decided to talk about the latest and newest Pokemon game to hit shelves, Pokemon Yellow! They party like it was 1999 as they hosted an in-depth discussion about the new game for Pokemon fans to play and how it will become the standard for Pokemon games to come. Listen to the episode here.

Google Maps Plays Pokemon!
Google and Pokemon gave users of Google Maps the chance to catch Pokemon from their smartphone. Users were able to look around the world for Pokemon and then catch it. Read more about it here.

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