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Crossroads Comics #105-Digimon Saviors 2

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for Crossroads Comics!

This week we’re taking a look at Digimon Saviors 2. This is a comic that I’ve been a fan of for many many years. It’s actually a sequel to another comic known as Digimon Saviors. These two comics originally made their home on Smackjeeves where they were a collaborative effort between many authors, retelling the stories of the original Digimon adventures with sprites and Sonic OC inspired characters. These comics are notable for their rather large casts and the incorporation of elements from across the Digimon franchise. In addition, they fall into a rather niche genre since it’s not very often you see Digimon-inspired or sprite art comics anymore.

The stories of both comics follow somewhat similar premises to the original Digimon Adventures anime shows. The first one centers around nine kids who are mysteriously transported to the digital world. There they encounter strange monsters known as Digimon and bond with them as they encounter a variety of evils both in the digital world and in the real world. There’s a lot of fun and interesting dynamics between the Digimon and their partners as well as people all the characters as a collective. The storytelling is also fairly coherent so you’d never realize that it was actually a collaborative effort. Currently, you can read up through the third arc on ComicFury, which has now created an infinite scroll system that’s optimal for binging. Unfortunately, while the comic is still technically up in its entirety on Smackjeeves, the updates that the site made back in December has resulted in none of the pages actually being viewable, likely due to their file sizes being over the new limits. So for now you’ll just have to follow along until the rest of the pages are uploaded onto ComicFury.

The second comic is a direct sequel that takes place five years later, following a mostly new squad of Digidestined suddenly being transported to the Digital World. There they bond with their new partners and track down the Banchos, a group of devious villains that seem to be the source of recent disturbances in the Digital and real worlds. On top of that though, the old Digidestined are also disappearing and it’s up to the new crew to figure out why and find them before it’s too late. Currently, knowledge of the previous comic is not vital to understanding this one, though it may have some spoilers for the ending of the previous comic, so while I’d recommend reading Digimon Saviors first, it’s not vital to reading Digimon Saviors 2.

All in all, if you’re a Digimon fan, this is a comic I could highly recommend since it has a lot of the same feel and energy to it that the original shows did.

Crossroads Comics
Ask Team Lightbringers Seems like a smart business decision.
Lucky’s Travels Poor guy. That must’ve been a really traumatizing experience.
Gible Bites Who has time for the truth when an embellishment makes the story more fun?
PMD: Explorers of Life Some people might like to be subtle.
PMD: Harmony She figured it out!!
Shinka: The Last Eevee Phew they’re a friend not a foe.

ComicFury Comics
Digimon Saviors 2 Hopefully he doesn’t come to regret this.
Gamer Cafe I kinda like this conspiracy theory.
Little More than Waitstaff Oh man they must be REALLY desperate.
PMD: Gleaming Hearts Uh oh! It was a trap!
PMD: Hellfire Hungry hungry Absol!
PMD: Lotus Wonder what the noise is all about.
Team Bluestar Off to the races!
The Caretaker Hmmm I feel like we should take a cross from a different less creepy sounding room.

Deviantart Comics
Between Truth and Ideals At least they have some morals?
Burn Away Oh no… not the kid.
Fallen Flowers Ooh the Yellow human?
In My Remains Wonder who that is.
On Borrowed Time It’s back!!
PMD: Hanging in the Balance Time… has stopped?
PMD: Restoring the Balance Let the ritual begin!
The Stars Shine Bright A new supporting character!

Off-site Comics
Asbo Bunny Huh interesting info about Digit.
Daughter of the Lilies Thistle! Wake up!
Hiddensoundtest Man that’s a nice set of wheels.
Moképon Hm I don’t know about this…
Pet Foolery A miracle!!
PMD: Exploration Team Ultra Sentry time!
PMD: Tales of Elysium Hmm is now really the best time for this?
Slumber Town Oooh a secret passage?

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