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Crossroads Comics #128-Heir’s Game

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for Crossroads Comics!

I may be under the weather but that won’t stop me from introducing this week’s spotight, Heir’s Game. This is a comic that I’ve greatly enjoyed since I first started following it. Just as a heads up though, this story does have mature themes and gore in it, so if those are not to your liking, this comic may not be for you.

Heir’s Game is a comic that centers on the coming of age ceremony of a new heir to the duchy of Belluna. This ceremony consists of a brutal series of duels to determine the heir’s bodyguard, known as the Heir’s Game. However, when Theuden, the current heir, meets one of the duelists, Isran, in a chance encounter, a spark ignites between them. And the fire of their love grows between them, so too does it threaten the very game itself and perhaps even the world around them. For those of you that like stories with sword fights and gay romance, this is definitely your comic.

Heir’s Game has a very wonderful cast available to it with all sorts of characters that you see grow and change throughout the course of the story. As the main characters, Theuden and Isran especially are the ones we see the most, with Theuden starting to become more ruthless and a risktaker so as to express his love for Isran. But we also see this growth coming from the side characters as well, such as Sevilla, who grow more defiant and stronger as time goes on. It’s very interesting to see how these characters grow, especially as we learn where they came from and what their motives were for joining the Heir’s Game. There’s a wide array of motives here, ranging from simply looking to get a job to royal subterfuge. There’s no telling what a certain duelist’s loyalties may be and it makes for a very interesting story when there’s very few characters you feel like you can trust.

One thing this comic really excels at though is characterization, both with and without the use of dialogue. The character designs are very stellar, not only with accurate clothing and weapons to the presumed time period, but also do a great job at conveying certain feelings towards the readers, at least in my experience. For example, as soon as Theuden appeared on the first page, I instantly knew he was gay. It may not be the same for everyone, but has a great way of very skillfully conveying certain aspects of different characters as soon as they appear. Whether it’s an intimidation factor or just the fact that they’re very lovable, you can usually tell some aspect of a character’s personality or an important trait of theirs from the moment you meet them. This shows a real skill on the part of the author, since it means they’ve really nailed the character designs down to the clothes and body languages to properly convey these aspects with each character.

In addition, the story itself is very interesting. There’s several parallel plots progressing at the same time and even though the main focus is on Theuden and Isran, the other plots often intersect with the main one, causing us to still be interested in them even when they diverge from Theuden and Isran. The themes of the story are also a bit relatable for those in the LGBT+ community. At least two of the plot lines deal with struggles against unsupportive parents, something members of the community can definitely sympathize with. It’s a great way to enlighten those who don’t understand what it is like to struggle in those environments while also giving those that have been there someone to relate to and root for as they start their climb out of it. All in all it’s a very dynamic and well written story that I look forward to seeing more of.

Heir’s Game is authored by Suspu, who some older Webtoons fans might recognize as the author of another very popular comic, Shoot Around. Fun fact, it was actually Shoot Around that led me to discovering Webtoons as a site in the first place, and it was only out of sheer curiosity a few years later that led to me discovering
Heir’s Game. Both stories are excellent, very well written, and visually appealing. I’d highly recommend them both to any interested readers.

And without further ado, be sure to check out the rest of the comics in this week’s lineup!

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