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First Pokemon Memories: Otter Mii-kun

Pokemon Yellow
Pokemon is coming closer and closer to becoming 20 years old. It is at this moment that we want to showcase some of our forum member’s first Pokemon memories.

This time we are going to focus on Otter Mii-kun and how reluctant they were to finally accept Pokemon. How did Pokemon went from being some dumb fad to becoming one of Otter Mii-kun’s favorite pastime? Read below to find out.

I was in fifth grade, the final year of elementary school, when Pokémon first came to the United States. At that time, everybody in my school was getting into the Pokémon trading card game. I thought at the time that Pokémon cards were another dumb fad on the level of other similar trendy products that came about during the 1990s, and therefore, wanted nothing to do with it.

The following school year, when I went into sixth grade at LakeVille Middle School, I still resisted Pokémon, but on Christmas in 1999, when I visited my grandma’s house in the evening, I got Pokémon Yellow from my aunt, who told me that I would like that game. I had gotten a Game Boy Color and Super Mario Bros. Deluxe from my mom at home earlier in the day, and spent much of Christmas Day playing SMBDX until heading over to grandma’s for the aforementioned evening.

Once my mom and I got home, and then through the next day, I loaded the Pokémon Yellow Game Pak into my Game Boy Color. Needless to say, I got hooked on that game instantly. Since I was new to Pokémon, though, I made some crucial mistakes with that game on its early save files, one of the most notable ones was spoiling my starter Pikachu.

Shortly after New Year’s 2000, the time when everything was supposed to crash and set about doom, I got into the Pokémon anime, which I watched via Kids’ WB on WDWB channel 20 Detroit (now WMYD, a MyNetworkTV affiliate), I got hooked on that too, and even developed a crush on Misty along the way. At this point, I even set the VCR’s timer to record the Pokémon anime on both the weekday afternoon repeats and Saturday morning’s first-run episodes (which had already gotten to the Orange Islands by the time I started watching). From then on, I greatly expanded my interest in Pokémon over the course of 2000 and the next couple of years after that.

Feel free to share your first Pokemon memories in the comments below or check out our First Pokemon Memories thread on the forums!

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