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GO Celebrate the Holidays in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Holiday
The holidays are here which means it is time for a new Pokemon GO event!

Pokemon GO is kicking off the holidays with a new event! This event will allow players to catch new Pokemon and earn plenty of Stardust!

The holiday event will start today, December 21st at 1pm PST, with new Pokemon to be captured in Pokemon GO. Some of these new Pokemon include Water and Ice Pokemon from the Hoenn region. Pokemon like Feebas, Spheal, Snorunt, Lotad and more in the wild as you play Pokemon GO. Players can also expect to see the return of Festive Pikachu with his Santa hat.

Trainers in Pokemon GO can also get more Stardust thanks to a new item. The Star Piece is a new item that will allow players to earn bonus Stardust for 30 minutes after they activate it. This new item can be found in special boxes that will also include items such as Super Incubators and Lure Modules. This box can be purchase in the in-game store starting today till December 25th.

Starting on December 25th to January 4th, players can purchase special boxes, featuring items such as Premium Raid Passes, Super Incubators, and Star Pieces.

Lastly, players can gain a special bonus from their first spin at PokeStops. From December 22nd to December 25th, players will be given a one-time use Egg Incubator when they spin their first PokeStop of the day.

Happy holidays and catching as you play Pokemon GO this holiday season!

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