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Groudon and Kyogre Returns to Raids

Pokemon GO
There will be a battle for the raids soon in Pokemon GO!

Trainers in Pokemon GO can expect to see plenty of battles when it comes to their Level 5 Raid Bosses. That is because Groudon and Kyogre are challenging Rayquaza for a spot in the Raid Battles.

Pokemon GO players can still see Rayquaza flying above Gyms in Pokemon GO. Though they will also get the chance the battle Groudon coming from the earth or Kyogre flooding the gyms. Trainers will have a second chance to capture Groudon and Kyogre in Raid Battles along with Rayquaza.

There will also be special limited-time item packs in the Pokemon GO Shop. These item boxes contain items such as Max Potions, Premium Raid Passes, Pinap Berries and Lucky Eggs.

There is also a competition with the three Hoenn Weather Legendaries. Special rare Pokemon will be hatching from eggs depending on which Pokemon is defeated more. If Rayquaza is defeated more in Raid Battles then Bagon will be hatching more often from eggs. If Groudon is defeated more then Trapinch will be hatching more from eggs. Lastly, if Kyorge is defeated more in raids then Lotad will be hatching more from eggs. This reward will be happening from March 5th to 16th.

The Hoenn Weather Legends can be found in Raid Battles until March 5th. So make sure to go out and capture these Legendaries while you can.

Source: Pokemon

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