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Location for Worlds 2015 Announced

Pokemon has announced the location for the 2015 World Championships. Next year’s Worlds will be in Boston, Massachusetts, USA at the Hynes Convention Center. It will take place on the weekend of August 21st, to August 23rd.

The Championship will be invite only. Those who have earned Championship Points in the Trading Card Game or Video Game will receive an invite to take part to battle on the championship floor. For those in the United States, Canada and Europe will need to earn 300 CP for Masters, 250 CP for Seniors and 200 CP for Juniors. Competitors from Latin America, Asia Pacific, and South Africa are required to earn a 100 less CP.

Also announced was that there will be no Last Chance Qualifier for the TCG. This will be the first time there will be no LCQ. The LCQ is used for last minute competitors who had not gotten an invite to compete in Worlds. Participants take part in a tournament to battle for the chance for an invite to compete in the Wold Championships.

Lastly, prize support has increased compare to previous years. First place will be rewarded $25,000. Second place will be rewarded $15,000. Third and forth place will receive $7,500. Those who are awarded fifth though eight place will receive $5,000. Ninth thought sixteenth place will be awarded $2,500. Lastly, those who enter seventeenth though thirty-second place will receive $1,500.

Not everything is finalized and Pokemon had removed the page revealing these details. Information is subjected to changed.

Sourced: Pokebeach

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