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Pokemon VGC and the Trans Fan

VGC Transitiioning
Join us for a story about a fan and their transitioning story with the Pokemon VGC.

In an article on Medium, a transgender fan named Caitlin Beach has documented her journey through the Competitive scene and how it coincided with her journey through her transition.

The article speaks on how things changed for her personally in the VGC scene before and after they came out. This includes some very unpleasant treatment from fellow competitors and competition managers alike. Sadly, this is something that many trans people go through as they continue their journey. Caitlin Beach speaks about nearly quitting the competitive scene. This was especially true when it seemed as if the fun was beginning to be overshadowed by things that made her uncomfortable.

However, Caitlin goes onto mention that though these difficult moments she’s met other trans men and women. It was these people made her feel accepted and welcomed. Caitlin goes on to mention ways in which the scene can improve its overall push for inclusive.

It’s very evident in reading the article that this is something that’s important to a number of people in the community. I hope that Caitlin’s story can inspire change in not only the Pokemon community, but as a whole. We wish the best of luck to Caitlin in her future competitive endeavors. You can contact her on Twitter @RandomVGC

Source: Medium

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