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Neo Emolga Masterpiece Mischief Ep9 10JUL2017 – 16JUL2017



Art, nonsense, mischief, and insanity galore! YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS!

Because I haven’t reclaimed my sanity yet, NEMM marches on for Episode 9!

If you’re ever feeling down, or tired, or sleepy, or have a sudden craving for caffeinated cookies which sadly don’t exist yet, just remember you can always come to NEMM for a special weekly serving of really good art from DeviantArt, and my own brand of silly insanity and commentaries. Lucky you, you get to deal with all that!

Pokemon x UNDERTALE : Asgore and Nidoking by Sa-Dui

It’s ANOTHER Pokémon and Undertale (holy crab cakes, this game is still raging popular) crossover and IT’S THE BATTLE OF KING VERSUS KING but wouldn’t it be funny if instead of fighting, they challenged each other to something silly like Scrabble or thumb wrestling? Or how many Pixy Stix they could snort until they had a sugar crash? Who would win that!?

Also, this picture is awesome, but it’s funny how the perspective makes it seem like they’re both HUNDREDS OF FEET TALL like they could hopscotch with Godzilla and King Kong after this if they felt like chilling out for a while.

Pokemon x UNDERTALE : Chara x MegaGengar by Sa-Dui

Children of all ages, can you tell me how to dominate DeviantArt? If you guessed “keep mashing up two of the most popular fandoms together so you get members of BOTH fandoms to adore it”, oh, you get your free lunch and 5K cool points today! Okay, seriously, this Sa-Dui person knows how this works. Definitely got the whole system worked out.

So if you know nothing about Undertale, I’m not going to drop any spoilers about who Chara with the BLOODY KNIFE is. Some people think she’s a psycho, others think she’s the best character in the game and love her to pieces. But if she had a team of Pokémon, yeahhhhh, she’d totally have a Gengar. And probably a fun happy-loving bunch of other poison and dark types too ’cause that’s just how she rolls. Offhand, you know when there’s shiznit about to go down when someone with red eyes smiles.

Musashi (Pokemon) by shinigame12345

Jessie looks so calm and tranquil in this picture. So relaxed, so at ease, her hairdo is actually a bit more semi-normal, you’d never suspect how often she can completely LOSE HER MIND in the actual anime itself if you were only just waking up from under a rock and never knew anything about her. Heck, she doesn’t even look evil in this picture! Oh, just trying to steal Pikachu again. No harm done. Or blow something up. I mean, who hasn’t done that at least a few times? You know you have. And if you haven’t, well, I’m sure you would have if you just had all the toys and tools you needed to do that!

custom Gameboy Pokemon RED – charizard theme by Zoki64

Fully animated 3D models. Impressive musical soundtracks. Countless internet features. NO, BOY, SIT DOWN BECAUSE WE ARE GOING OLD SCHOOL NOW. Not of that junk. No, we’re totally going back to those crazy black and white sprites, simplistic jingles, creepy Lavender Town theme, and we are so going to Wrap, Wrap, Wrap attack everything to death, the way Pokémon was meant to be played. Can’t choose between your regular Raichu and Ninetales or their Alolan forms? HEY, WHAT’S ALOLA!? Is that the next Pikablu? YOU GONNA TELL ME TO PUSH A PICKUP TRUCK TO FIND MEW AGAIN!? No, this makes it easy for you to choose because you only get one option now. You can just feel this hot-red machine and this old school Charizard dragging your uneducated butt back to Kanto where the Pokédex stops at #151 again and there ain’t a thing you can do about it. And yes, Pikachu is fat again.

Fanbook Pokemon by MymyArtzone

It’s a pool party with Pokémon! Okay, not exactly a pool, but it’s close enough and could be even better knowing you don’t need to care about the ph levels! Of course you never know what you’re going to step on then. Ain’t there always a catch.

Everything looks so nice and happy. Misty is even happy about taking a Water Gun attack to the face! You know life is grand and happy when even a WATER GUN ATTACK TO THE FACE is just the perfect and refreshing way to brighten your day! Nothing like a sweet, delicious, and refreshing 40 base damage attack to just bring on the summer love and happiness. We love you too, Horsea!

Now go off and enjoy the bright and magical world of the outdoors! Well, before you get reminded how much nicer it is inside with the air conditioner running.

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