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New Dynamax Camera goes Live!

A new device has gone live to hype up Pokémon Sword & Shield!

Today, The Pokémon Company have added a new website called the Dynamax Camera. This camera allows you to upload photos on the smartphone and it adds a Dynamax variant of it to the photo with up to 50 different results. Currently available in only Japanese, several new Pokémon have been confirmed thanks to their appearances in this game. These include the Aegislash line, the Wailord Line, and the Rimbombee Line.

In addition, the website was recently datamined, revealing some information that, while unconfirmed, is very interesting for the analysis of the future game.

– Grookey is listed as a gorilla, suggesting it’ll evolve into one.
– Scorbunny is, unsurprisingly, listed as a rabbit.
– Sobble is listed as a chameleon, suggesting it’ll evolve into one.
– Corviknight is listed as the third member of an evolutionary family, as well as having ‘common’ in its file name, suggesting it’s the final evolution of the regional bird.
– Drednaw, Alcremie and Polteageist are all listed as the second members of their evolutionary families, suggesting they may have pre-evolutions (which I find surprising for the first two especially).
– Yamper, Rolycoly and Wooloo are all listed as the first members oftheir evolutionary families, suggesting they may have evolutions (which I think we all expected anyway).
– Morpeko and Duraludon have no numbers after their file names, suggesting they are standalones. Duraludon therefore isn’t the pseudo-legendary.
– Alcremie, Drednaw and Corviknight all have a G before their file names, suggesting something to do with Gigantamax. It’s possible their evolutionary lines might all be 1 smaller with Gigantamax forms being counted as an extra member of those lines.
– Nothing has been shown so far on Impidimp or Cramorant.

While none of this has been confirmed, it is very interesting to see what some of these suggested evolutions and pre-evolutions could be. In the mean time, however, be sure to check out the Dynamax Camera to have some fun. You can find it here.

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