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New TCG Mini-set for Japan! Dream League!

Dream League
Time for a league of cards for Japan!

Japan is going to have a mini-set release just in time to end the summer. This new mini-set will be called “Dream League” and it will have plenty of dreams.

Based on the booster pack for the set, “Dream League” is going to be focusing on the Unova region. It features Roxie and N on the packs. This could mean we may see new Supporters featuring these characters. Will we see a reprint of N from the Black & White era? Hopefully not.

The pack art also features Reshiram and Zekrom. Maybe this means we will see a Reshiram & Zerkrom GX as a Tag Team. If so then they will mostly be a Dragon Type Tag Team GX.

Lastly, this pack art features Lillie and Red along side Solgaleo and Lunala. If I was going to take a guess then it will be that “Dream League” will partly be a reprint set of cards from the last TCG block. If so then “Dream League” will surely be a dream for collectors and players.

“Dream League” will most likely be release with the US’s November set. This will most likely be the final Sun & Moon set for the US.

“Dream League” will be released in Japan on August 22nd.

Source: PokeBeach

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