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A Pair of Guinness World Records Featuring Pikachu

Pikachu Records
Get ready to see two Guinness World Records that features everybody’s favorite yellow mascot!

Today we are showing you two Guinness World Records that features Pikachu. These world records took place in 2017 but they are still pretty impressive.

This first world record took place in Japan at one of the Team Rocket events. They gave thousand people who showed up a yellow, black or red shirt to form a giant Pikachu. You can see the results above.

There is clearly some coordination that had to be done to get thousand people to stand in place to make this giant Pikachu. They then needed to stand still for a certain amount of time to make sure that Guinness accepts their record.

You can watch the video below that shows this feat being done.

My favorite part is the little kid praying that they pull this off. It is quite cute and amazing to see.

The second Pikachu related Guinness World Record features balloons!

Balloo Pikachu
Above is Tom Kent from the UK who makes it is mission to make several balloon characters. He really takes balloon animals to the next level. It is this amount of dedication that inspired Kent to make a balloon costume Pikachu.

Kent used three hundred fifty balloons to make a Pikachu balloon costume. He can wear the costume and even walk around as Pikachu. This Pikachu balloon costume has earn Kent the record for creating the largest balloon costume.

You can watch the video below to see all the work that went behind Kent’s Pikachu balloon costume. If you want to see more of Kent’s work then click here!

Source: Go Nintendo

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