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Pokemon Go players advised against entering Australian Police station, despite wild Sandshrew


Pokemon Go has unleashed a new level of Pokemania, with people feeling like we’re in the middle of 2001 again with the release of the new mobile app. However, not everyone is on board. Certainly not a northern Australian police station, whether there’s a Sandshrew to be caught or not.

Darwin Police Station and the Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Facebook page released a statement, which also encourages players to look away from phones and mind the cars crossing whilst in their pursuit of Pokemon, have reminded players that they don’t actually need to enter the building to catch the wild Sandshrew that seems to be hiding there.

The game uses GPS tracking and a phone’s back side camera to create augmented reality environments that show you where a Pokemon is. It’s taken the world by storm, even surpassing Twitter in daily users, and sending Nintendo stock prices skyrocketing. And it only just came out. Isn’t it wonderful?

Pokemon Go is now available on iOS and Android devices.

Source: The Verge

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