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Pokemon GO Safari Zone Cancelled

Pokemon GO Safair Zone
Important news for those attending St. Louis Safari Zone for Pokemon GO.

It has been announced that the Safari Zone for St. Louis has been postpone. The decision to postpone this event is due to health concerns from the Coronavirus may cause.

The St. Louis Safari Zone was going to take place from March 27th through 29th. This could be Niantic’s way to play it safe and ensure the health of players who are coming from various places. The decision could also be an attempt to contain the Coronavirus and prevent it from spreading even more.

Those wishing to get a refund for the event can do so via via in-app support. Players will have until March 25th.

Those who decide to keep their ticket will be able to use it for the rescheduled Safari Zone event. Also, those who decide to keep their ticket will be able to take part in Safari Zone Pokémon encounters and Special Research globally on the date that the event was originally scheduled for. Players with tickets will be able to catch the Safari Zone Event Pokemon from wherever they are in the world.

There is no word on when the event will be rescheduled. All that is known is that it will be within the next twelve months.

Liverpool Safari Zone and Philadelphia Safari Zone are still scheduled to happen. However, Niantic will reassess the situation in early April to see if public health is at risk by hosting these events.

Lastly, Legendary Raid encounters have been added to Pokemon GO Battle League. This will give trainers the chance to catch Pokemon that would normally be exclusive to Raid Battles.

Source: Niantic

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