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Pokémon GO Tour Contest

Kanto Tour
Put yourself in the game!

AvatarWhen you play a Pokémon game, you like to imagine you are the main character going on an epic journey. Some of us even wished of being able to join Team Rocket.

Well, the next best option is here and happening in Pokémon GO. Little details are known as of right now, but we do know that a battle feature will take place during the Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto event.

The real kicker, is that YOUR avatar can be eligible to be an NPC that others can battle. Entry is easy. Screenshot your avatar as seen on the right, tweet it using the hashtag #PokemonGOTourContest, include a list of three Kanto Pokemon you would feature on your team. That’s it.

Not every entry will make the cut, you need to have some variety in your appearance or feature a cool team with a theme. There is no harm in entering though! To learn more about The Pokemon GO Tour: Kanto click here.

See you around, Genesect!

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