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Pokemon News Roundup – Shiny Charizard, Arceus, and NicoNico Championship


Though the official Pokemon news in the US has been quite quiet, there have been a few Pokemon annoucements from around the world: Shiny Charizard (Germany), Shiny Arceus (Japan), and the NicoNico Ultra Online Tournment for ORAS (Japan).

In Germany, from April 1 to July 3, Gamestops around Germany will be distributing a Shiny Charizard via a serial code.  From Pokebeach:

The shiny Charizard comes at Level 36, knows Overheat, Solar Beam, Focus Blast, and Hold Hands, and is holding Charizardite Y.

Right now, the release is limited to Germany only, though PokeBeach reports that this Shiny Charizard is similar to the giveaway provided in Japan to celebrate the opening of the Pokemon Center in Tokyo.

In Japan, the Shiny Arceus has started to be distributed for fans who pre-book tickets between March 7th and July 17th to the next Pokemon film, Pokémon the Movie XY:The Archdjinn of Rings: Hoopa. This Arceus will have moves Judgment, Black Burn, Hydro Cannon and Earth Power and hold the Silk Scarf or a plate.

Also in Japan, the NicoNico World Championship has been announced, with registration between April 3 and April 10.  Competition begins April 10 and goes through April 13.  The winner obtains an invitation to the World Championship.

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Images: [PokeMasters via Serebii and PokeBeach]

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