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Pokemon Storyline and PMD Comics #5: New time!

PMD: Sky Nuzlocke

Hello all! I’m changing my comic update post times from Saturday to Sunday. Sunday morning comics, right? I was also notified that most artists update on Saturdays so my posts would miss some updates.

I was also informed that there are some comics that I don’t cover. I’ll get those to you as soon as I can!

Also, if you catch any bugs or anything with my posts, please notify me! My computer does weird things so I’m not always entirely sure if there is actually something wrong or if it’s just me.

Enjoy the comics guys.

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Please note: Comics with ** denote images with swearing and/or gore, which may be potentially uncomfortable for some audiences

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Be sure to check back every Saturday Sunday(!) to see the latest Pokemon Storyline and PMD Comics! Any suggestions? Any comics I should add? I’m interested in new comics but awful at finding anything. Let me know by PMing me on the forum! (Word of caution: I might not get it until a long time later…)

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