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PXR’s Monthly Art-icle #1

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Hello, and I wish you all a happy New year and wish all the best for every one of you. I’m sure that you all have come up wish some new years resolutions, and I have too. One of mine is to become a more active part of this website. I joined at the start of December and became an Art Mod and I have so many ideas to improve that place. Two of which will be brought up in this art-icle (See what I did there, haha)

Firstly, would you like a place on the forums where you could go and drop off work to be judged and critically looked at so it will help you improve? Well, when I first joined, Dredd had been PMing me about my mod qualities and suggested to create a critique thread, which is what I have done. Head over to Artist’s Easel and enter the Critique Meadow to begin. I will critique anything. Traditional art, Digital art, Spriting and even Editing. Whatever it is, feel free to stroll through the meadow and leave me your work so I can actively help you improve on you techniques and finishes. There is even a chance your work will be entered into Critic’s Corner and be Critiqued on in a future art-icle.

Secondly, an Art Committee has been set up as of today. On PokePavillion, we had a Committee for every group of Moderators, where they could add members or moderators alike where they would input and help improve that area and add to the site in the way that committee would. This committee would be the same. We will help with existing projects, help create new ones, support the Artist’s Easel and all it’s artists and even help with site wide event to do the banners or whatever is needed. There are six members. Me, [URL=””]Coru[/URL], who is the leader of the Committee, and five applicants who applied in the appropriate thread and have got the place.
These five are:


Feel free to [URL=”″]PM me[/URL] about the Committee if you have any questions or suggestions and I am sure, when these five have had a little experience or know a little more, they will happily help too.

Finally, there will be three sections to this monthly art-icle. There will be the General News, which will either be general site news for Artist’s Easel or anything to do with art, or there will be General Art. This is where the Committee will decide on an aspect of art where it shall concentrate on that month to help people understand it more and help them improve.

There is also Critic’s Corner, this is where, every month, two pieces of work will be selected at random. These will be critiqued by me and posted on the art-icles. This is to help promote the artist and to make the arty section seem a bit more fun and unusual.

The final section will be the Artist-of-the-Month section. This is where you will [URL=”″]PM Corrupt_Voidlich[/URL] with at least two to four pieces of artwork and a short statement of how much you like art, how long you have been doing it for etc. I will pick one each month, however, if you have not been picked, you will be put on the noteworthy mentions in the section and will have a shot the next month. The same member who was chosen can not be Member of the Month for another six months/art-icles. This is to give everyone a fair chance at getting the title for a month.

So, that finishes this Art-icle. I again, wish you a happy new year and wish you all the best. Next Months Art-icle will include much more as this was just an introductory article. I’m looking forward to how the forums will advance this year.
Thank You for reading.[/CENTER]

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