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PxR’s Top 10: Hoenn Pokemon!

In a new feature, we look at some of the PxR Community’s favorites, starting, as commemoration for the new Gen III remakes, with the Top 10 Hoenn Pokemon.

10) Altaria.

Coming in at the tail end of our countdown is Dragon/Flying type Altaria. Long loved for its usefulness in battle and cute design, it gets rave reviews from our community, with Corey saying:

Like many others, I overlooked Altaria until its Mega Evolution was revealed. It’s so beautiful and fluffy, and so far, it seems like it’ll be a huge asset to teams. Altaria isn’t very impressive stat-wise, but Mega Altaria is going to compensate for that. Both Altaria and Mega Altaria are beautiful Pokemon! Even though the Mega isn’t released yet, Altaria has already climbed its way up to the number two spot on my Hoenn favorites.

9) Zangoose.

Zangoose is usually only liked for his design, but Tyler Phoenix points that STAB makes Zangoose a force to be reckoned with.

This guy was pretty strong as was. This guy was even stronger after Ninjask had it’s time in play. I loved Zangoose and it’s sheer destructive attack style. Who doesn’t like Crush Claw and Slash with a STAB? Sorry, what was that? I can’t hear you over the sound of AWESOME.

8) Metagross.

Metagross is seen by many as OP, but he’s always fun to have on your team. Its high stats help to knock off trainers left and right, and the awesome design does a lot to help, too. As Lunar Latias says:

A spider-looking Pokemon that’s metallic and can crush things with its arms/legs. O: Metagross was one of my original favourites, and I loved using it in-game. Its shiny form is also epic. :D SILVER AND GOLD. Since it also gets a mega evo, I can’t wait to test that out. If Metagross was badass before, it’s gonna be legendary now.

7) Flygon.

Flygon is powerful stat wise, and pretty awesome design wise too, and is many people’s favorite Gen III Pokemon altogether. This includes Pokemon Trainer Sarah:

My fave Hoenn Pokemon! I really like Flygon’s design. I used one in Pokemon Colosseum and it was really fun watching it in 3D. Its eyes are cute and I like it’s typing. It was also pretty powerful! I haven’t used one since then so I am really looking forward to trying one out again in ORAS! Flygon was part of my top 6 team at one point, along with the Kanto starters, Pikachu and Togetic. It’s been inched out as new Pokemon came along, but I’m sure using it again will rekindle my love for it. :D

6) Latias.

Latias has a lot of nostalgia packed into it, what with being the star of the 4th movie, and spending hours chasing it ’round Hoenn in the games. Eternity was full of praise:

Latias is adorable, can transform into a human and Pokemon 4Ever was one of my favourite Pokemon movies ever. The fact that she is sensitive to human emotion is another thing I like about her. Honorable mention to Latios. He’s pretty PWN too!

5) Sceptile.Sceptile’s nice stats and impressive move pool give it an edge in being so high on favorite lists, and it’s at #5 on ours. Arystar had this to say:

Well he was my first Gen 3 starter, so of course I’m attached to Sceptile. I’m pretty excited for his mega evolution, so I’ll probably pick him again when Alpha and Omega come out.

4) Gardevoir.Gardevoir is renowned for its elegant design, as well as its impressive stats and movepool, just like Sceptile. Corey makes a note of its rather awesome Mega evolution:

The reason I like Gardevoir so much is because of Mega Gardevoir. It’s so beautiful, and Hyper Voice + Pixilate destroys teams. It has a great movepool, as well as a great defensive and nice offensive typing. Gaining the Fairy-type was really the best thing to happen to Gardevoir!

3) Aggron.Aggron helped a lot of people through difficult points in Gen III with its high defense, and its epic design does it heaps of favors too. To give an opinion, who better than PxR’s resident Aggron expert, Grassy Aggron?

Aggron – This is fairly obvious, I would think, hehehehehe. From the monstrous movepool to the spectacular, beastly design, Aggron hit hard and take numbers. The changes to its abilities have really helped, and I’m glad that the mega evolution didn’t butcher it too much. Still, I prefer regular Aggron to the mega – it’s a little sleeker and just more triceratops, although I have nothing against bulky samuraitops :D Also, is it just me or is regular Aggron’s shiny washed out in X/Y? :/

2) Absol.Absol comes in at #2 in our countdown, because, simply put, how can you NOT like Absol? It has an amazing design, a pretty awesome movepool, and a sweet backstory too. Lunar Latias elaborates:

  I’ve never actually used one on my team (though I should because mega Absol is so cool!), but I like it purely for how awesome it looks. Also it’s called the ‘Disaster Pokemon’. Doesn’t that just send shivers up your spine? I’ve designed my own pre-evo and evo for Absol, just because it really should have them. cx If I could find a good use for it in battle I’d love to have one on my team.

1. MantectricWhile Manectric isn’t the toughest in the competitive battling circuit, it is still a fan favorite for its cool design, and its typing, among other things. And its status as a cult favorite make it PxR’s favorite Hoenn Pokemon. Velocity had this to say:

I used to hate Manectric’s design, but I’ve come to love it, especially taking into account the fact that it’s based off of a maned wolf and can be depicted as such. In addition to a fierce appearance, Manectric boasts some excellent Electric-type moves and is an overall great attacker. My own Manectric was super awesome; she had a great Special Attack, and she was lethally accurate with Thunder nearly all the time.

So there you have it, folks, PxR’s top 10 Hoenn Pokemon. Be sure you’re a part of the community by joining our forum, and check back soon for another Top 10!

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