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TCG Jump: Featured Match- Head Honchkrow!

TylyrPlays is here one last time with his own brand of deck! This will be TylyrPlays last TCG video as he retires from YouTube but he made sure to go out with a bang. So we are honored to showoff his last battle on Featured Match.

The deck that TylyrPlays is Honchkrow where he uses Nightmare Mambo to serve the heavy damage. This attack does a base 60 damage but 60 more if the Pokemon is asleep. That is why TylyrPlays uses Malamar EX to put Pokemon to sleep with the Hyper Hypnosis ability. Once the Pokemon is asleep then TylyrPlays uses a combination of items to make sure he hits the magic number to take knockouts on EX Pokemon by using Honchkrow.

So enough talking about this deck. Lets watch this final battle that TylyrPlays has to offer. Click below to watch the match.

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