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The “Wow!” Gallery: Round 1!

The “Wow!” Gallery is a new feature gallery on Pokemon Crossroads that showcases an outdated artistic talent: pixel art! Pixel art seems to have become more and more rare thanks to even low-budget games relying solely on a 3D game engine.

Pixel art is just what it sounds like: it emphasizes on the significance of the single pixel, or clusters thereof, to form beautiful pieces of art. One week, people along with their works are nominated in the nomination thread; whoever makes it here has to go through one final trial: voting. After another week has passed, the votes are to be tallied up and the top three will be featured in the showcase thread. only the best of the best will be featured here!

Congratulations to Suicune’s Fire’s piece for receiving a total of 4 votes, greatly surpassing the other entries. As you can see, this pixel art piece is more than deserving of a spot in the “Wow”! Gallery Showcase.

Let’s also give a round of applause to everyone else who was nominated: Pokemon Trainer Sarah, Nekomata, and TheoreticalSelkie! All four of you have won a spot in the “Wow!” Gallery, since third place was at a standstill tie. If you’d like to see what works made it, check the showcase thread out! You won’t be disappointed. They’re all quite amazing in their own way.

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