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Top 5 Pokemon Comics This Week – September 30

Mark's Emerald Nuzlocke
Mark’s Emerald Nuzlocke

“We gain strength, and courage, and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face… we must do that which we think we cannot.” ~Eleanor Roosevelt

Please note that the selection is based solely on my opinion. If you feel that a comic really amazed you this week, feel free to post about it in the comments!

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#1. Mark’s Emerald Nuzlocke

There’s just so much to like about Mark’s Emerald Nuzlocke.

The dialogue is, as always, witty and I believe that Artist Rakkushi excels at banter, playing off the traits of his characters. The art is clean and easy to distinguish with each character’s expressions and emotions clearly communicated to the reader. His work is consistently both high quality and highly entertaining.

One can’t help but love May. Her comebacks, her superiority complex, and her confidence not only make her a fascinating character, but an excellent rival. Taunting Mark with her type advantage and attacking him in the middle of the conversation is simply hilarious and I expect only good things from their relationship.

#2. Brawl in the Family

Brawl in the Family

Brawl in the Family has been doing a series of comics focused on the idea that previous Smash Brothers characters can vote on which characters they’d like to invite to the next game. It was only a matter of time until we saw the Pokemon Trainer.

Of course, the Pokemon Trainer isn’t the only Pokemon character who gets to vote (his choice though is completely logical). His Pokemon also get a say and their votes are… interesting to say the least.

Plus, Ivysaur is AWESOME.

#3. PMD: Victory Fire

PMD: Victory Fire

The artwork of PMD: Victory Fire always stands out among Pokemon Comics. I’m no artist, so I can’t tell you the techniques or special effects that the comics uses. What I can say is that the comic brings forth a sense of vibrancy. The characters are drawn in ways that grant them life and define who they are. Not only can you see their scars and muscles, but also understand how they feel or think.

One can only worry for Gengar, who takes the first strike in this ambush. I really hope he’s not too hurt.

I really hope he can save the little girl.

#4. PMD: Adventurers of Light

PMD: Adventurers of Light

I’ve known Rym for awhile now and I can definitely say that his skills as an artist and writer have improved since he began. One can clearly see this improvement in the latest PMD: Adventurers of Light.

Let me put it bluntly: Devin has the skills to pay the bills. With his powers, he blasts away his foes, shooting them down as if some action hero. Not to be outdone, Jason takes down another enemy, engaging directly in melee combat. Between the two of them, you have a fight that would make any Exploration Team proud.

#5. PMD: Sky Nuzlocke

PMD: Sky Nuzlocke


When you love someone, when you truly care for this person, you do whatever it takes to protect them. Sometimes that means having courage to do what is right, even when others choose a different path. Sometimes it means holding your own despite unknown threats and fears. Sometimes it means believing in each other for the burden cannot be carried alone.

And sometimes, that means sacrificing yourself to save the one you love.

Perhaps that is true courage. True strength. Love.

Read PMD: Sky Nuzlocke.
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