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Best of 2018! On Pokemon Center!

Best of 2018
Got some Christmas cash to spend?

Then check out Pokemon Center website for some great Pokemon merchandise! Currently they are showcasing all the best hits from 2018!

This year there were so many great Pokemon merchandise that can be found on Pokemon Center. You have the introduction of the Destination Pokemon line that features tourism like promotions. From posters to backpacks!

Love figurines? Then there was the introduction of the Gallery Figure DX line. These figures features certain Pokemon in bigger the life poses doing bigger then life attacks!

Got to have some plush in you life! Any plush lover had so many things to pick from when it comes to plushes on Pokemon Center. Plenty of new Ditto As plushes such as Dragonite and more! There were lots of cuties that could be hugged in the Sleeping Kuttari Cutie Collection! And the brand new Sitting Cutie Plush line. This line will have plenty to grow in 2019 with each original 150 Pokemon getting a plush!

There was so many things to buy from Pokemon Center. If you haven’t purchase anything from the official site then you need to do so now before 2018 ends. Take a look at the Best of 2018 on Pokemon Center by clicking here!

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