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Ice-type Reviews – Selected TCG Art (Generation 6)

(All images are from Bulbapedia)

Let’s go through a round of selected TCG art for the Ice-types of Generation 5! If you are ready, please proceed with what cards I’ve picked for each individual Pokémon of that Generation.



Amaura (Rising Fist 25)

Since Generation 6 is new, the new Ice-types only have one card each. This makes it easier to choose simply because that’s all there is to pick. So, for this particular artwork, it shows Amaura in a dark cave where it shines. Caves with penetrating lights are always very beautiful to look at, at least to me. It’s interesting to note that fossil Pokémon in the TCG require that fossil (that is their “Basic stage”).


Aurorus (Rising Fist 26)

Aurorus is also in the cave, where it is shining brightly. This time, those stalactites look similar to an aurora, which is rather symbolic to this Pokémon.


Bergmite (Flashfire 30)

The type of creature Bergmite is based on is rather vague. On one hand it resembles an insect, but on the other hand, it looks like a young animal. I guess the best way to describe Bergmite is that it is a monster, because that’s what living things that are hard to classify are. The ice platforms look somewhat plain for my liking, but Bergmite’s points give it a cute look. Somehow, those ice look realistic.


Avalugg (Flashfire 31)

I can imagine Avalugg grazing this ice like you would see elephants or rhinos doing the same when you look from far away without intervention on their business. Like Bergmite, Avalugg’s animal origin is hard to tell, so again, the best way to describe Avalugg is being a type of monster.


That’s all for today’s TCG art showcase! I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I have writing it.

Thanks for reading.

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