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Making of Detective Pikachu Book! Releasing Soon!

Detective Pikachu Book
Do you love books? Detective Pikachu? Then you are in luck!

Did you watched Detective Pikachu and fell in love with the movie? Maybe you want to get all the juicy bits about the movie? Want to see how it was made? Perhaps even get all the thoughts about how the director made up all the an interesting locations in Ryme City?

Then you are in luck! The Art and Making of POKÉMON Detective Pikachu is going to be released at a bookstore near you! This book will feature full colored pages detailing the making of Detective Pikachu. You will get to see several different concept art for Pokemon and locations. Some of these Pokemon and scenes were not even in the movie! Loved the Joltik in the movie? Then you can see what happens when one of these little guys make their way inside somebody’s house.

You will also receive several different never before seen memorabilia if you purchase this book. This includes postcards, a full map of Ryme City and train pass.

This book will also feature a foreword by Director Rob Letterman. There will also be an interview with Tsunekazu Ishihara, president of The Pokémon Company. Both of these will be must reads for anybody who loved Detective Pikachu.

Want a sneak peek of the book? Click on this link to see the thread that Pokemon’s Twitter account made. It will feature pages from the book and plenty of juicy tidbits about the making of Detective Pikachu.

The Art and Making of POKÉMON Detective Pikachu will be release at bookstores on May 21, 2019.

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