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Best Moments of Pokemon for 2018! #BestofPokemon2018

Best of Pokemon 208
What was the best Pokemon moments of 2018? Lets ask the fans!

Pokemon wanted to make 2018 to be a legendary year. It is why we had so many Legendary distributions throughout the whole year. It has certainly added a legendary flare to the year. Though, we all know that what makes a legendary year is the fans. That is why we decided to ask Pokemon fans on Twitter and our forums for their best and favorite Pokemon moments of 2018!

Pokemon Let’s Go!

Let's Go
In 2018, we saw the release of brand new Pokemon games in the form of Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee. These games left Pokemon fans feeling indecisive with if they were main series Pokemon games or not. Were the core games? These questions and more made Let’s Go a gray area for Pokemon fans.

Either way! The Let’s Go games were release and there are plenty of fans who fell in love with the games. They found it amazing to have their old friend Pikachu as their buddy. Some made new friends with Eevee. Others just love to see cute Pokemon like Oddish chasing them around in the overworld. No matter the reason! Let’s Go was a go-go for many fans!

Below are some of favorite moments with Pokemon Let’s Go from Twitter and the forums!

Genesect is right about Let’s Go being used as a reentry point for old friends. It was something new mixed with the old that people love. Especially for those who have been playing Pokemon GO. I am glad to hear that Game Freak was successful in bringing back old fans while letting old fans feel proud to be Pokemon fans.

Looks like Blast Burn Radio podcast has some great moments to share. Especially about Pokemon Let’s Go.

It is amazing to see old and new fans coming to play Pokemon Let’s Go. Things like this always makes me happy that Pokemon still has a place with people of all ages and groups. Even if we can’t join in on their fun. Nonetheless, these kinds of things always warm my heart as I hope this is the start of their long Pokemon journey.

I am sorry to hear that Let’s Go wasn’t BBR’s game but I do hope they will give these games a solid try.

We will catch up with Blast Burn Radio later in this article!

Next we have Pokemon Trainer Sarah from our forums!

The trailer for let’s go showing viridian forest for the first time… It looked just like I imagined it as a kid :) I think the let’s go graphics and feel are absolutely perfect and I really hope the next games look just like them!

That is so true. The lead up to Let’s Go from the trailers to all the promotional material was amazing to follow. The game looks great through and through! If this is a taste for the Pokemon’s 2019 game then I can’t wait to see what Game Freak’s has to serve for us next year!

Meltan & Melmetal Reveal

This year we saw the reveal of a brand new Pokemon in the form of Meltan and Melmetal. These two Pokemon were a completely surprise for Pokemon fans. After all, most Pokemon are spoiled because they are found in the hidden files of game code. Meanwhile, Meltan was just tuck away within Pokemon GO and nobody had any idea who this Pokemon was. Was it on purpose? An accident? Either way. Pokemon and Niantic took the ball and ran with it!

Below is what Luke from Twitter had to say about Melmetal.

Luke brings up an excellent point about how Pokemon are revealed to fans. Especially with the sense of inevitability due to we all knew Pokemon like Marshadow were going to be revealed. We just had to wait and pretend as if these Pokemon were new when they were eventually revealed.

It was all different with the reveal for Meltan. Finding this little metal slime Pokemon felt as if we were in Gen 1 again. Everybody on the internet were kids on the playground talking about the mysterious and cool Pokemon we found in our game. Nobody had any idea what it was or if it was even real. Pokemon fans of all kind were left in a haze. So Luke was right on the moment when he compared this to the days of Mew under the truck.

Content Creators Picks

Content Creators
Next we are going to feature some content creator picks when it comes to favorite Pokemon moments of 2018. After all, these guys are always following the latest in Pokemon. They love the franchise so much that these people make content based on it! Now that is some real love!

Most of these picks relate to what these content creators make but that is fine! After all, if you are not loving what you are making then you are not doing it right.

Blast Burn Radio is back at it again! This time with their favorite moment being a full year of being on the air!

This podcast is amazing to hear as they started off parading the tales of their nuzlocke adventures. Now they have grown into hosting a roleplaying podcast to even one or two draft leagues. A community has developed around this party of three who all love nuzlocks and Pokemon. These podcasters have plenty to be jolly about and I am totally doing this for the pun on one of their host’s name.

So carry on wayward podcaster nuzlock sons! Move on into 2019 with even bigger dreams!

Ryan from Adventures in the Millennium podcast went ahead and share their favorite moments of 2018. This one just happens to be how much fun he is having hosting a podcast with his friends.

These guys haven’t been on the podcast wagon for long but they are having fun with it! Their podcast adventures are great to listen to. It sounds like Ryan and his friends have some surprises for listeners in 2019! I can’t wait to hear all about it!

Personal Favorites

Fan Favorites
Let’s be honest here. Pokemon could come up with the best and most wonderful things to make 2018 great. Though, it is the personal moments that hit you, the person, that makes 2018 the best year for you. May it be from making new friends or just seeing something that makes you feel great. That is your favorite Pokemon moment.

Below are just favorite Pokemon moments from people on Twitter and the forums that just didn’t fit in a particular category. Either way, these were just awesome. I am glad these Pokemon fans shared them with me. Now I am sharing them with everybody reading this article.

We are going to be starting with a moment from N7 from the forums.

Nappy’s year of darkness has reignited my love for pokemon.

Im waiting for the sinnoh remakes

It sounds like N7 was reignited as a Pokemon fan by King Nappy on YouTube! Especially for remakes involving the Sinnoh region. Hopefully he will get them soon. It is great to see N7 excited for another year of Pokemon.

Pokemon is all about making friends. May it be with the digital creatures who live in plastic cartridges or just real life human beings. It is a game that lives on friendship. That is why I love FlameAndAir’s tweet so much.

FlameAndAir’s tweet rings so true to many people within the Pokemon community. Myself included. He went from a podcast listener to a fully involved community member within Blast Burn Radio. Being able to find a group of friends is all one needs to make the best year ever. I am glad to hear that FlameAndAir found that within the Blast Burn Radio community. Thanks for sharing!

Lastly, we have a favorite moment from Luke. He shares with us his move to Japan and how Pokemon is everywhere within the country.

I am well aware at how Pokemon covers every street in Japan thanks to my personal trip there in 2017. Though, I know that Luke is in heaven when it comes to his move to Japan. Not only is he immersing himself into Japan culture but he is seeing how that culture has shaped and made Pokemon. That must be an amazing experience for any Pokemon fan!

And best of all. Luke gets to spend time with the target demographic for the franchise. Children who love Pokemon! Just hear how kids talk about Pokemon is always a fun experience.

That is it for Pokemon in 2018! I am sure that there are plenty of other favorite moments from countless different fans. You are welcome to share your favorite Pokemon moments in the comments or on social media using #BestofPokemon2018!

I hope your 2018 was great and that 2019 will be amazing in and outside of Pokemon! Happy New Year!

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