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Bite into an Anniversary with I Chews You!

It is an anniversary and there is a buffet of tasty dishes!

That is because it is the one year anniversary for I Chews You Podcast! A podcast about cooking and eating Pokemon! Especially when you are cooking with crazy chefs who each bring something new and different to the table! From Golbat Sausages to Psychedelic Xatu Fortune Cookies! These chefs keep bring tasty dishes that the whole family can enjoy!

And today we are celebrating their first year on the air and in the kitchen! You have Jeremy, Evan, Ben, and Ian on the mic and around the stove cooking up not just Pokemon but jokes! These guys really know how to serve up a crowd with recipes based on their Pokemon of choice! They will leave you panning your hand into your face with jokes. Meanwhile, you will be chuckling it up as these guys ham it up. In the end, you will surely enjoy the fruits of their labor as they share some of the best food that you can make with Pokemon.

We reached out to the ICY Chefs to hear their favorite episode picks from their first year. These guys really did prepare a wonderful banquet for your ears. The episodes chosen are some of the best recipes for your listening pleasure. If you listen closely, you may hear Mr. Mime in the background preparing his own tasty treat for you. So, be their guest as you embark on an audio feast of your imagination!

Episode 7: Drowzee- A fantastically fun time on the show as we designed imaginary restaurants and considered the possibilities of eating dreams. Filled with bizarre possibility and wonder, with an added pinch of production woes. You wouldn’t know it, but a series of good bits were cut. Thanks to the magic of editing it all flows together.

Episode 12: Kadabra- Everyone knows the weird absurdity of Pokedex flavor text, but this is the episode where that information pushes the chefs over the edge. This is a Pokemon that was transformed from a child; are we eating people after all? Only Hannibal Lecter could tell.

Episode 18: Geodude-
Rocks are inedible, but what this podcast presupposes, is maybe they aren’t. The chefs go headlong into the most teeth shattering creature yet to humorous effects. Questioning the veracity of eye eating, stone soup, and Streganona.

Episode 27: Exeggcute-
This thing is hard to spell. Also is it an egg, or something completely else. The eternal question provides a puzzling new path for the Chewsie chefs to go down as they consider mons that just look like food in the first place.

Episode 48: Qwillfish- We live in a society, or at least a circus. This week we went to clown college as we muddle our way through more poison Pokemon. Also we deep dive into the troubling world of ASMR.

Happy one year anniversary I Chews You and the ICY Chefs! You really do know how to serve up the laughs and Pokemon. Keep up the great work!

Make sure to wish happy anniversary to I Chews You on Twitter! If you want, you can wish the chefs Jeremy, Evan, and Ben on Twitter a happy anniversary too! These guys sure do deserve it along side with a tall cold can of LaCroix.

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