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[EX] Arcanine is coming to Pokémon Duel

A new Pokémon is charging into Pokémon Duel with Extreme Speed!

Get ready, battlers! There’s a new piece to add to your Pokémon Duel decks.

The new [EX] Arcanine figure will soon be available in the Recommended Booster and in Material Exchange for trainers to obtain. Of course if you have enough monthly loyalty points or are willing to drop some cash, you can already obtain through in-app purchases.

The new [EX] Arcanine comes with a movement range of 2. It also has access to the white attack, Flare Blitz, and the gold attack, Extreme Speed. Similar to Quick Attack, Extreme Speed allows [EX] Arcanine to outspeed purple attacks, making it quite the menace. The spinner also holds a two star purple attack, Searing Shot, as well as two small miss slots.

The new figure also comes with the newly introduced ability, “Flame Turbine”. This ability allows [EX] Arcanine to move past fire type or burned pokemon and, if an opponent is afflicted with a status condition, it will shift their dial one stage clockwise.

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