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Crossroads Comics #156 – PMD: Crossroads

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for Crossroads Comics!

The irony is not lost on me that within weeks of masks no longer being mandated on Capitol Hill, there’s a huge common cold outbreak, and of course, ya girl is one of its victims. So, in light of me not being fully operational this week, I’m going to take today’s spotlight to promote PXR’s community comic, PMD: Crossroads! This comic is a collaborative effort between 15 different artists who each take turns working on pages and progressing the plot as they see fit. This has resulted in a colorful cast of characters and an interesting, but chaotic story thus far! As one of the authors and the main coordinator behind the comic, this comic is something of a pride project for me. It went on hiatus for about a year but it’s recently started updating again and we’re hoping to keep that momentum going for the future!

So why should you be interested in PMD: Crossroads? Well, for the most part it’s a rather unique premise. While collaborative comics such as this used to be more commonplace, nowadays PMD: Crossroads is a bit of an anomaly, one of the only comics of its kind still kicking. Additionally, the comic itself doesn’t have an overarching plot for the most part, so each update provides some new spontaneity as each author puts their own spin on current events. This has resulted in a wide and colorful cast of characters consisting of Pokemon both common and uncommon to the scene, best seen in the main protagonists themselves: Natalya and Edgar the Zorua and Quagsire! Plus, it’s just great to support the many contributing artists as they use your comments as motivation to work on each update.

Spoilers Ahead

In terms of current plot and story, despite its somewhat disjointed means of telling, PMD: Crossroads has progressed into its second chapter. It’s been quite the adventure thus far, with Edgar and Natalya being forced on a mission to rescue a wayard Jangmo-o for his Goomy friend in order to escape a Buizel. This resulted in the duo encountering two shady figures and later learning from the Crossroads Guild that they were part of an evil organization, called the Shadowlash, who are set on disrupting the fabric of space time. All in all, the stakes are high and the plot is definitely interesting! Now they’re on a quest to find the last two remaining pieces of the Time Key before the Shadowlash can in order to stop full universal takeover. Assisting Edgar and Natalya are a bunch of interesting characters including Guildmaster Ignis the Volcarona, Aurelio the Carnivine, and, the newly introduced, Sable the Diggersby!

All in all, for as little coordination between authors as there is sometimes, the story overall has some very interesting worldbuilding and plot. I’m very interested to see and hear more about “The Crossroads”, as space time is nothing that can be messed with lightly. And with time travel on the table, the possibilities for future adventures are endless. I’m also excited to see what the authors do with Sable, as not only is he adorable but also it’s not often you have a physically disabled character among the cast in a PMD comic.

Spoilers End

It isn’t the most frequently updating or best written comic in the universe, but if you’re looking for something new and fun to read, PMD: Crossroads is your best bet. It’s a great way to support all the authors involved and promote new people to join in the future. You can read PMD: Crossroads on ComicFury and Pokemon Crossroads. Also, if you’re interested in joining the team of authors, you can reach out to me, NobleJanobii, on ComicFury, or make a post in this thread on Pokemon Crossroads.

I also want to give a small shout out to The Legend of Incineroar! This comic has been hiatus for a little bit, but came back Wednesday of last week with a massive update drop to reach its conclusion, for now at least. I’ve reviewed this comic previously but I can’t properly convey how interesting of a read this comic is. If you like Pokemon and Smash Bros, this comic is definitely for you. It’s dynamic, it’s interesting, and there’s potential to see more of it in the future, so be sure to send lots of love towards the author as they complete this project that they’ve sunk two years into.

And without further ado, let’s check out the rest of this week’s lineup!

Crossroads Comics
Land-Shaymin All hail the king!
PMD: Chanterelle I don’t think Ethan and Timber signed on to be babysitters, Guildmaster.
PMD: Crossroads What a CUTIE!!
PMD: Explorers of Life All that pent up aggression can’t be good for a person.
PMD: Rangers of Sky Oh fun! Nightmares!
PMD: Wildfire Got some built up hostility there, Autumn.
Pokemon X Adventures Time for an assist!
Shinka: The Last Eevee Break time for Art Fight!
The Shaymin Cafe Smooches!

ComicFury Comics
Autumn in Sinnoh So much for that plan.
Gamer Cafe We’re only just getting started and I’m already confused.
Pure Light Reunited at last!
PMD: On Borrowed Time Ooh now this is interesting.
Pokemon: Team Fireheart Well this could be going better.
Slumbertown Only one way to find out.
Step by Step by Step Uh-oh, that’s not good!
The Essence of Being Wonder what Captain Grady means.

Deviantart Comics
Emerald Nuzlocke: The Burning Sky Evolution time!!
Jet’s Black Nuzlocke Will they be able to handle it?
Milos from Home Dedenne is really starting to grate on my nerves.
PEA Shorts Who is this sassy lost child?
PMD: Hanging in the Balance Ooh interesting worldbuilding.
PMD: Keepers of Light Did something happen?
Pokemon Royal Ah yes, the classic “yeet the metapod” method. Works every time.
Rabbit Hole Hmm… sus.
Soul Brothers Communication is the key to success.

Off-site Comics
Asking Anorith Dead.
Ask Savel Good for Lucky!
Ask the Isle I don’t like this dubious individual.
Ask the Traveller The big reveal!
Ask Wasteland Labs This does not bode well.
Ask Willow Leafeon Libraries are fun AND cool!
Flake-n-Rudy Get back at it, Flake!
PMD: Explorers of Madness Off to an interesting start here.

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