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Dragonite Swoops into Build-a-Bear Workshop!

Look no further for a new loyal companion this winter!

Continuing their series of Pokémon friends, Build-a-Bear Workshop has unveiled the latest companion for fans to acquire, Dragonite! Dragonite itself is available on Build-A-Bear’s website for $29.00 (not including shipping), but there’s also several customizable features you can purchase in addition to Dragonite! Since it is a Dragon/Flying type, the cold and Dragonite don’t mix very well. Thankfully, Build-A-Bear has been kind enough to provide accessories to keep your new friend warm. For $12.50 you can purchase a purple cape or for $10.50 you can purchase a blue hat and cape as a way to keep your Dragonite cozy during the winter season. Finally, no Dragonite is complete without its iconic cries, so you can purchase a 5-in-1 sound piece for $7.00 to give your Dragonite its voice.

All in all, if you’re looking for a new friend this winter season or for a gift to someone else, Build-A-Bear’s new Dragonite pal might be right for you!

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