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New Pokemon Evolutions Episode Featuring Alola!

Evolutions Lillie
We are evolving right into the Alola Region!

The latest episode of Pokemon Evolutions has been release. This episode takes us into the Alola region where we witness the events of Pokemon UltraSun & Ultra Moon.

“The Eclipse” follows Lillie as she travels up to the alter in an attempt to save her mother. Along the way, you see Lillie reflect upon her journey so far and all the events that have led up to this very moment.

This episode is a beautiful episode that uses all of the music themes featuring Lillie from the games. You will love watching what is happening on the screen. All of this while being reminded of your journey through the Alola region.

You can watch “The Eclipse” right now below or on YouTube!

The next episode of Pokemon Evolutions will be release on October 7th. This episode will focus on a moment from the Kalos region.

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